Film Soup


Reason 1241315 I love film - FILM SOUP.

Being a creative can be hard. There are ebbs and flows of that creative juice. There are days where the ideas and inspiration and feelings of excitement are overflowing. And there are days where the well is dry and you feel almost numb to this art. It happens - and I’m sure if you are a creative you know the feeling all too well. Years ago I panicked and worried this feeling would never leave. Now I try to embrace it and push myself out of my comfort zone (whatever it may at that particular time).

Film soup always works, and mostly it’s because the PROCESS of shooting, souping and developing becomes more than the end result. It’s not just about picking my camera up and composing a perfect image. It’s not the anticipation of a final image. Nope. It’s the process. The procedure. It’s the way photography should be.