Baby Love | Raleigh Newborn Photographer


My absolute favorite thing about my sessions is that I get to relive bits and pieces of my life as I view my clients lives. This picture above could have been me almost 7 years ago as I brought Drew home from the hospital (to a sister who barely blinked an eye in his direction at first). It's a bittersweet perspective because I remember fumbling through those first days full of emotions. There was happiness, joy, elation, but also worry, anxiety and stress about how in the world we were going to manage two kiddos under two. Now, as I sit with my clients and see their lives unfold in front of my camera, I remember all those moments, but I also see the other little things that I probably overlooked the first time. The curl of hair, the gentle touch from big sister, time standing still. When you're IN the mix of the craziness, it's often hard to truly see how beautiful everything is.

Even with my personal photos, being on the other side of the camera allows me to slow down and savor the moment. It gives me a fresh perspective on an otherwise crazy moment. Little kids don't necessarily WANT to be a part of my session....especially the younger ones. My sessions are sometimes crazy and chaotic. If you've ever tried to make a two-year old do something EVER, you know what I'm talking about. They don't WANT to hold the new baby at all. They want to run and play and BE A KID. All that is totally fine. I want them to be themselves and be kids. I know it may make it hard for you, mama, during these crazy times, but I promise I have tricks up my sleeve....and I promise we are making magic even though it seems like chaos. 

Soooo...the point of all my rambling is that these moments change so quickly and I wish I would have had someone come and capture us during this precious time. I wish I had more of ME in our photos. You need these photos, mamas and dadas. Your babies need these photos.

Are you expecting soon and looking to record these first few moments together as a new family! I'm currently booking lifestyle newborn sessions through September 2018! I'd love to chat with ya about how very important it is to have this time preserved! Email me or click right here and I'll send ya more info lickety-split!