Baby Carter | Raleigh Newborn Photographer


Brand new.

I wish I would have known how precious and fleeting these moments were when I was in the hospital with my babies. I had good intentions of taking my own pictures, but if you've had a baby, you probably know that moving furniture around and setting everything up just takes so much effort! I took plenty of photos the week or so after mine were born, but not too many when they were this BRAND NEW. There are SO many details that change after just a few days and wish I would have captured more of those sweet wrinkly baby feet, the clamped cord, the hospital bracelet, the content little faces. Stepping into a hospital room with new parents is just priceless. There is so much love, but exhaustion in the air and it's so easy to let my mind drift back to when I was in that place. Baby Carter was an angel and it was such an honored to photograph him and his sweet family during this precious time. 

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