3 Tips For a Relaxed Newborn Session | Raleigh Newborn Film Photographer

So your little bundle of love has arrived and now you’re itching to get your newborn photography session in so you can share the joyful news with beautiful images to your loved ones. This is such an exciting time and I am thrilled for you! Today I decided to go over over my top favorite tips for a relaxed newborn session. I’ve had the honor to hold and cuddle lots of littles and I have found these tips to work beautifully before and during a session. So grab a pen, paper and some coffee and read on!

1. Be yourself

Every family has a story to tell, and your families uniqueness is what makes a family so beautiful. My newborn sessions are a mixed of posed and unposed moments. I will typically settle you into some pretty light or a nice spot in your home and will step back to capture a variety of angles. During this time, all you have to do is focus on your baby and family. This is where you get to do what you already do everyday with your new bundle of joy - give kisses, snuggle, smell, cuddle and everything in between. I will guide you and suggest different posing as needed. If something feels uncomfortable to you, it will likely reflect in your images, so please let me know and we can reposition. My goal is to capture you as if I wasn’t even in the room. A natural image of you and your family will always remind you of this specific and precious time of life.


2. Focus on your family

It can feel pretty uncomfortable to pose in front of a camera if you’re not a model (which is most of us!). I definitely understand that, and my goal is for you to always feel comfortable and like I’m not even there. The best way to obtain this is for you to “pretend” I’m not actually there. I will definitely get some of those “everyone look at the camera and smile” moments, but unless we are setting up for that, I want you to focus on your sweet family and your adorable new baby. Don’t worry about the older kids either! I will help guide them and direct them as needed! Please don’t encourage older children to “say cheese” as this often creates an unnatural smile. I want you to relax and cuddle your baby, give them kisses, hug your husband. I want the real you. Your real family moments.


3. Relax

Your session should be a special experience for you and stress free. No matter what your baby does, be sure to relax. Babies can sense stress and it usually makes them cry more. Babies can also smell their mamas from a mile away, so at times I may ask you to step out of the room so I can try to calm your sweet baby. I allow plenty of time for your session and if we need to take a break to feed, walk, rock - we will. I want you to enjoy the experience of your session and this special bonding moment for your family. My goal is always a relaxed, enjoyable experience!


So there you have it! These tried and true tips will work like a charm for your newborn photography session.


Interested in scheduling a newborn session in 2019? Most family and newborn sessions are done in your home + fave places...we usually always venture outside around your home to play  (weather permitting). Some folks like to do just their house and yard, some folks like to do just one room of their house and their favorite park up the road. We're not meeting in some random park or place you've never been before. These are the places that matter most to you. This stage/house/moment you're at right now will be totally different and changed and just "where in the world did time go?" a year from now. Take the time to capture your here and now. I promise you will NEVER regret preserving those in-between moments. Call or email me for session details (or just click this link right here).