One thing I truly and deeply believe in is getting your beautiful photos OFF of your computer or camera and into an album (or print)! These memories are priceless, and we all know that things change and people grow SO very quickly. Faces change, teeth fall out (and grow back in as BIG PEOPLE TEETH...whhhhhy? I miss baby teeth.), hair gets cut, little baby feet grow into big kid, smelly feet.... Capturing, recording AND cherishing these little things is what photography is all about. It's a moment of time....your life, your crazy days....captured forever. 

I am a big fan of Artifact Uprising and use them for all of my client albums. Delivering these bundles of joy is always my favorite part. Having these memories to look back on and share with others is so totally priceless. So go print something! Make an album! Share a memory! I promise you won't regret it!