The Perfect Match

Gimme all the hugs, bracelets and watches. Anna tries to steal my jewelry every time I turn around and I'm pretty sure half of what I do have is hiding somewhere in her room. Right now, her go-to accessory is hair ties - the more the merrier... And if she can create an entire rainbow on her arm, then that's even better. Apparently, it's how second graders accessorize these days. Me, I prefer pretty bracelets and watches! You guys know I'm on this watch kick, right??  

And it's started you guys, and I just don't know if I'm ready for this. 

She said "nah, I want to stay with my friends" when I asked her if I could take her out for lunch last week at school. Nah???  What? What do you mean you want to stay with your friends?! I about died inside. No lie. 

She's my sweet girl. And my sidekick...and she's ALWAYS been up for some one-on-one time with mama, but oh man. She's growing up too fast.  When we're home, though, I can still see that little girl in her and I'm trying to soak up every last minute of these fleeting days. Her very favorite thing to do is just hang out. My fingers are crossed that she turns out to be a homebody and her teenage years are a breeze (fat chance, right)? We shall see. She's the peanut butter to my jelly; the storm to my calm....and as she says "the milk to my cereal". ;). How cute is that?? I love her and I love spending some good Q-T with her!

And if you're over the age of 7 and prefer to accessorize with pretty watches and bracelets rather than hair ties of all colors, then you'll be super happy to hear that Daniel Wellington has just launched their beautiful new bracelet cuff (in both silver or rose gold) to accompany their watches. It's the perfect match!! You can use the code STEPHANIEMAKES to get 15% off when you place an order over at Daniel Wellington!

Happy Friday, friends! Make it a good one! xo