Awesome glasses from Jonas Paul Eyewear

She is seven going on seventeen. And she cried the other day when I tried to check her out of school early to hang out together. So it begins, folks.  And because they grow up too fast, here are some fun facts about my sweet girl.

Nicknames: Anna Banana

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite animal: Guinea Pig

Favorite TV show: Star Darlings

Favorite movie: Alice in Wonderland

Favorite song: Can't Stop the Feeling

Favorite food: any breakfast food

Favorite drink: Shirley Temple

Favorite breakfast food: Everything

Favorite snack: Bowl of cereal

Favorite outfit: probably my fancy long skirts and tank tops

Favorite game: Wax museum 

Favorite toy: mermaid tale that I can swim in

Best friend: Bree, Grace and Charlotte

Favorite thing to do: dance and sing and gymnastics

Favorite thing to do outside: play with my friends

Favorite holiday: Halloween and Christmas

Something you take to bed at night: my three lovies

Favorite restaurant: Cafe Mom (that's mama cooking)

Where would you go on vacation: Bahamas

What do you want to be when you grow up: a famous gymnast