Afternoon Delight

You know you've had one too many picnics when your kids request them on the way home from school. With all of these crazy hot days and the feeling that we actually LIVE on the sun, we've been scrounging for things to do inside in the afternoon! Anyone else ready for fall?  

Floor picnics are our favorite. I know what you're thinking! The FLOOR?? That's why we use a blanket, silly. To cover up all that dirt and dog hair and gross stuff I try to clean up Have I ever mentioned I feel like I clean A LOT? And I bet you couldn't guess that while I'm OCD an love to be organized, I actually really abhor cleaning. emotions got away with me there...

Anyhow...My two love to spread out a blanket, grab a few books or pick out a game to play while I fix them a little snack. I mean, we all eat snacks after school, so it might as well be on a blanket with fun games, right? And don't forget the fun socks!! Happy socks are our go-to for after school picnics (and handstand competitions, floor races/running, finger puppets and more!

The photo memory game from Pinhole Press gets pulled out at least once a week. There is something so "awwwww" when we flip over the photos and see those cute faces. Not to mention that they grow up that the photos make them look like babies. 

Everyone gets in on the fun during picnics, even our best furry friend. He's always close by somewhere. Side note - he is SO hairy. And I swear that he and Drew are slowly starting to look alike. Not kidding.

So go grab a blanket and a game and surprise your babies with a floor picnic. They never disappoint and don't cost a dime!