A few of my favorite things

Let's start this hump day with a few of my favorite things!

First up is my awesome wood watch from JORD. I can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to have a REAL watch again (and not having to use my phone for the time). Today is the last day to enter to win one for yourself! JORD is offering up a $75 gift certificate to their entire shop + everyone who enters to win receives a $20 e-voucher that can be applied to any JORD watch! Click the link below to enter or check out my previous post to see more pretty photos!!

Click here to enter the giveaway + receive your $20 e-voucher to JORD·

These cool letter boards from Letterfolk are next on my list. I've been wanting one of these pretty things for a while and finally just broke down and snagged one the other day. I'd say the kids love them as much as I do. We have The Writer and the size is just perfect. Right now it's in our playroom, but I'm thinking about moving it to our kitchen so we can all see it more! And apparently Jabba the Hut is only 5 years old...who knew?!?!?

If print magazines are a day of the past, then I don't think I can go on....  I LOVE a good magazine. Like really love. Anyone else still love flipping through the pages and ear-marking all of your favorites? Click Magazine is one of my very favorite magazines to receive and mail day is kind of like Christmas! The pages are so full of beautiful and inspiring photos, tips and tricks and more! If you love photography, I couldn't recommend the magazine more!

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Whole 30 everything. YES! Whole 30 everything indeed. 

Whole 30 is one of the best "lifestyle changes" I have ever, ever made. I started a round of Whole 30 last January, and for the most part have kept my diet pretty much Whole 30 for the past two years. I still enjoy some of my favorites (like sweeeeets) every now and then, but doing Whole 30 taught me to listen to my body and notice how different foods make me feel. Breads and pastas - I feel blah and gross. Veggies and lean meats - yay! If you are looking for a kickstart to your metabolism and just want to feel better overall, then check out Whole 30! It may sounds overwhelming and crazy at first glance, but just remember - it's WHOLE foods. You're cutting out all of the processed and pre made foods (that are full of junk anyway). The Whole 30 challenge usually runs for 30 days and I think the group is getting ready to start up a new challenge tomorrow (September 1)!!  Here are a few of my favorite recipes!!

Sundried Tomato Creamy Chicken | Chicken Zoodle Soup | The Best Steak Fajitas

Jalapeño Turkey Burgers | Hearty Vegetable Soup