Project 52: Catch Up II

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."
Week 21/52
Anna: Someone can't handle sleepovers
Drew: bubble boy

Week 22/52
Anna: the sun goddess
Drew: so this is how he got that sand crab in his shorts...

Week 23/52
Anna: lazy summer days
Drew: hey look - no shirt again. I feel like this is a common occurrence around here...

Week 24/52
Anna: sweet sunshine & smiles
Drew: bat-boy on a daring mission 

Week 25/52
Drew: snuggles with his bestie

Week 26/52
Anna: waaaahhhh...strep throat got the best of her
Drew: Star Wars addict. It's bad, y'all

Week 27/52
Anna: telling stories
Drew: water fun because it's too hot to be outside without being wet

Week 28/52
Anna: deep thoughts
Drew: post first-day of kindergarten slumber. zzzzz

Week 29/52
Anna: she'll accessorize with just about anything these days
Drew: "Let me tell you something"...

Week 30/52
Anna: book nerd
Drew: he wants something. probably legos.