It's hip to be square

If there's one thing I learned about Project Life, it was to mix things up and change things around. Today, I thought I would share one of my very favorite Project Life spreads in hopes to inspire you with your album this year! If you haven't tried out a square-sized pocket page yet (meaning the pockets are all uniform and squared), I highly recommend picking up a pack or even making your own using either your sewing machine or fuse tool!

There is something so fun about square photos and journaling cards. And since most of my images are square now a days thanks to Instagram, printing off photos is super easy! 

For this spread, I started by printing about 12-14 images. I knew I wanted to use a few journaling cards and filler cards in the pockets, so I didn't need a photo for every pocket.

I started by slipping my photos into the pockets, leaving a few spaces for trimmed journaling cards.  I tried to balance the photos on each side of the page and make sure the journaling cards were spaced among the photos. 

For the middle pocket of this page, I trimmed down a journaling card to more of a rectangle and then stapled it into place in the pocket. I like to have a little bit of transparency and see-through in my albums and using cards/photos smaller than the actual pocket is an easy way to achieve that effect. Stapling it to the pocket keeps it from moving around and possibly slipping out!

I kept my embellishments rather simple and let the photos speak for themselves. My motto is definitely less is more right now.

Have you ever tried out a square pocket for your Project Life album? Go give it a shot! If you love Instagram or collages like me, I bet you will love your new pretty page!