September In Photos

After completing my photos for Week in the Life, I set my camera down for a few days.  I "thought" I was done with my big camera for a while, since it had pretty much been attached to my hip 24-7.  But I missed it.  I missed taking photos. I missed getting that one shot that took my breath away.  I missed seeing our day through the lens.  I have high hopes of doing a 365 photo challenge next year, so I figured I would get warmed up with a September photo challenge.  It's basically one photo a day, for the month of September.  I'm challenging myself to see our "normal, everyday routine" in a new light and from a different angle.  I love the energy and excitement I feel from taking pictures. I love seeing our life in a still moment.  It reminds me of all that we have, and it reminds me to stop and be thankful for this life.  

In her favorite spot, doing her very favorite thing.  She's a book-a-holic for sure.  Currently, she's reading all of the Emily Windsnap books (which I kind of think "might" be a little too old for her, but she won't listen to me).  Most nights, we catch her sitting up in bed reading waaaay after she should have turned her light off.  I hope she always has this love for books and stories.

Oh man.  This dog.  We have a love-hate relationship for sure.  He loves to eat my fingers and chew on socks.  And he loves to run from me in the yard.  I hate it.  I hate his messes and his puppy craziness.  Oh - and his sharp, sharp teeth (most of which just fell out this week....about time)!
But then, he has moments where he can be so cute and so sweet that I kind of forget about the chewing and the sock eating....until that next time. 

"And she loved a little boy, very very much - even more than she loved herself."
Such a sweet quote from one of my favorite books.  And that's exactly how I feel about my boyfriend.  I'm so thankful and grateful for the individual time with him.  He makes me laugh and smile almost all day long.  He's so easy going, so sweet, and just so awesome.