Oh how I want to go on an adventure!!
After I put together this cork wall picture using the cork map pieces from the Galileo Scrapbook kit, I  started planning our next big trip!  I'm dying to go somewhere crazy and fun!!

I love how the pictures and labels look on the map pieces and I love having a visual of some of our trips!

I used a framed canvas as the background for the cork map pieces (so I could hang it on our wall - and so I could spread the pieces out a little bit).  

I typed up the names of the places we've visited and then stapled them to the photos.  I've visited more places in Europe, but I kind of ran out of room (boo).

I used some of the kit embellishments to add a few little extras to the picture.  I didn't want it to be overlay decorated or busy, so I kept it rather simple.

I LOVE how it turned out and now I have a crazy urge of wanderlust....hmmm...where to go next??