January Project Life Album: Part II

When I decided to branch off from the "normal" Project Life design, I was super nervous.  I wasn't sure how it would work...if it would even have a the Project Life feel, or if I could make my photos and memorabilia work in a smaller book format.

Now that I officially have January under my belt, I can 100% say that I love this new approach.  I love how easy it was to work on this book.  I love how I could punch holes in photos, documents, papers and just add them right into my book.  I love the layers and the collages and all of the enlarged photos.  And I really loved that I didn't have to "balance" a double page spread.  I actually only worked on this book on two different occasions....once mid way through and once at the beginning of February.  The process is so fast and so easy and pulling my pages together was so much fun!! 

Here's a little peek at a few pages! The video link is at the end!! 

Once my book was finished, I filmed a quick little flip through video.  It's short and sweet and pretty much just sums up how I put the book together, as well as describes some of the ways I like to add my personality to the book. (You can see a video of the first part of my January book over on the Studio Calico blog). I ended up adding a lot of more words into the last half of the book.  I think it's because I had kept lots of little notes throughout the month in my memory planner and finally decided to put them down on paper.  I really like this approach (keeping notes and then kind of summing up everything at the end), so I will most likely continue this process across all of my albums!   Hope you like it!!  

Supplies used:
Magic Carpet
Mirror Mirror

This book is different and fun, and it's exactly what I needed to do this year!!  I'm so looking forward to watching my stack of books grow as the year continues!  February's book is already in the works and, while I loved loved loved this size of book, I'm excited to switch things up and try out a new size.