Oh Creative Energy...

For me, creativity ebbs and flows.  Sometimes it seems like it's gone more than it is here...  I get asked a lot by sweet readers how I deal with the "lack" of creativity and what I do to push through.  This question always really stumps me because, so often, I feel like there is no way to get out of that rut.  I think I've learned over the years that this feeling comes, and there is really no way around it.  I try not to stress about it, but ultimately, creating is my outlet, so if I can't create I usually start to feel pretty crazy.  Finding other creative options sometimes works (like knitting or weaving), but usually I find myself with two options when it comes to paper: either wait it out or work through it.  They both have their pros and cons.  Waiting it out can give you fresh perspective and time to "regroup"...it can also take a loooooong time!  Working through it allows me the opportunity to (possibly) find my creativity.....but it can also leave me a little frustrated if everything is just blah.

This page is a "work through it" page.  I wouldn't say it's a work of art, but it is something and something is better than nothing in my book!! 

To do something a little different, I switched my size to 8x8.  I typically use 12x12 so I kind of liked having the smaller canvas.  And there wasn't this large white space staring right back at me, so that helped too.

I also decided to use my Open Book scraps (because I love them AND they coordinate.  Win. Win).  Scraps are great because you don't feel like you are wasting paper or products.  And if the end result is blah and trash-worthy, then you can just toss it and move on (and maybe save the photo for another time).

I also decided to stick with a "gird" type of design just to make the process a little easier.  I used my photo as the guide for my paper sizes on one side of the page and then eyeballed the other half. 

The little extras really made the page for me....and that's about the point I felt like I was actually being "creative"....not just sticking things on a piece of paper.  I stitched everything into place and called this attempt at creativity finished.

And do you know what, I actually kind of like it.  It's a little different from what I've created lately and I think that's a good thing.  Sometimes a rut comes from doing the same thing over and over, you know!  Trying something new (new size, new products, new technique) can often be just the right thing for getting your creativity back.  Here's to hoping this page brews up my mojo!!!  

What are you strategies for working through a loss of creativity??  Please share below in the comments if you have a minute!  I'd love to hear them....and I know others would love to as well!!