The Golden Hour

 If you've ever had your pictures taken professionally, I bet the photographer mentioned something about taking the photos at either sunrise or sunset.  There is a reason for this.  Before I started paying attention to the light throughout the day and experimenting with my camera, I never really understood why, although, I figured it had something to do with it just being too bright....or maybe too hot...   But...there is seriously something magical about that "golden hour".  The sun is at just right the point in the sky where it creates such dreamy light and beautiful glows.  It's my most favorite time of the day to snap a few photos, so I was truly honored when my sweet friend, Meredith, asked if I would take a few photos of her family late one afternoon.  I love photography something fierce....and I'm all about photographing willing participants (with my two crazy kids, I really didn't know that people ACTUALLY looked at the camera when someone asked them to!). 

I met Meredith and her beautiful family out on our local greenway in that "golden hour".  The light was seriously magical and we got so many beautiful photos of her sweet family. 

It's called the golden hour for a reason.  I totally get that now!  Go outside and check it out for yourself!  I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Disclaimer: I totally DO NOT consider my a photographer.  I am a picture-taker and a memory recorder.