December Daily® Inspiration

If you've signed up for the 25 Days class at Studio Calico, you probably already know that the list of contributors is amazing!!  These sweet girls are some of my favorites in the crafty world and I am so honored to have them as a part of this class!!  Between them all, they have completed 12 December Daily® albums!  That's a ton of holiday memories documented!!  I keep telling them that THEY should be teaching the class, not me!!  Each is so truly talented and today, I wanted to highlight some of their previous albums!  You can never have too much inspiration, right?

Jen is one of the very first people I "met" in this industry.  She's a sweetheart to her core and I just love her style and eye for design!  She has five years of December Daily® albums under her belt and I always love drooling over her pages.  She adds in a fun mix of watercolor, script and mixed media that always looks so amazing!!

Below is a little collage of some of her previous albums.  You can see more on here blog through the following links:

Kelly is another sweetheart and has such an eye for photos.  Her style is so detailed, but so clean.  I always feel like I could look at her pages for hours!!  Her album from last year is just so awesome.  Her simple details make each page stunning!!  

Nicole is the mini book master.  Seriously.  Whenever she posts a mini in the gallery, I squeal with excitement.  She thinks of the best uses for thickers, cards and embellishments, and I always have those "duh....why didn't I think of that" moments when looking at her work.  I actually stumbled across Nicole's blog back in 2011 after Ali Edwards posted a picture of her DD® cover on her blog.  Nicole's cover was the inspiration for my album that year and by looking at her sneak peek on Instagram, it's safe to say her cover this year might be my inspiration for NEXT year! 

Below is a little sampling of some of Nicole's December Daily® albums.  Like Jen, she has complete FIVE albums!!  You can see the rest of Nicole's work on her blog:

I loved Paige from the first second I "met" her!!  She's sweet, funny and little bit spicy...the perfect combo!!  I'm sure you all know, but, Paige is the queen of patterned papers and embellishments.  She can make magic with layers, papers and punches.  She might have only one December Daily® under her belt, but it's an amazing one!!  Her cover....gah....I just don't know what to say about it!  It's outstanding!!

Don't you love all of this eye candy??  I know I sure do!!  These designers truly are so talented and I am so honored they are a part of this class with us!!

 If you are joining us for the 25 Days class, then my foundation pages and a few tutorial videos are all waiting for you in the Classroom!!  I had so much fun prepping my pages, and I can't wait to see your pages start popping up in the gallery!!  See you there!
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