Barcelona in Pictures

Ah...Barcelona.  We love you.

I'm finally getting around to uploading and editing my photos from our Spain trip.  I was kind of beating myself up for letting these images just sit in my camera for a few weeks, but you know what??  I'm so glad I waited to scroll through them.  It's kind of like taking a walk down memory lane.  When the memories are so fresh and present, it's easy to take all the beauty for granted.  I loved looking back through all one million of our photos.  Photos truly are a recorded memory.

Here's a look at our Barcelona adventures.  Most of our days were spent wandering around the different areas of the city.  Barcelona is HUGE.  Just huge...with so much to see and take in.  There is so much beauty and architecture that you have to stop and stare at every little street, alley, building.  We ended up taking one of those tour buses around Barcelona on our next to last day, and while I would typically say that was too "tourist-y" for me, I loved it!!  I loved being able to cover such a large area in one day.  And I also loved the perspective from the road, rather than the sidewalk.  Barcelona is full of history and character and amazement.  The quaint little streets with all of the flower boxes and lanterns were my favorite.