12 on the Twelfth: August

The 12th came and went yesterday and I just barely remembered to take pictures.  I was a little bit preoccupied with a sweet little boy who has that awful stomach bug.  I did manage to get quite a few photos, ironically....not really because I was trying to document 12 photos from our day, but I guess just because I document our days (on a regular basis...and because my husband is out of town and I kept sending him pictures of our sweet little guy...thank you iPhone.).  I remembered around 5:00pm while baking some yummy blueberry muffins that it was actually the 12th of the month, and when I flipped through my phone and camera, I managed to find photos that represented our day.  Sometimes you don't even have to try to get those photos.....and sometimes, it feels like 12 should be a zillion.

So....I'll have my photos up later this week because I already have a Project Life post planned for today (see, I the 12th really did sneak up on me this month)!!  If you played along, feel free to link up your photos here or on my August photos post.  Either will work!!