Video: A Day In The Life

Do you guys know that I have never completed a two-pager?  Nope...never!
I've always been so intimidated by the large amount of space and kind of clammed up whenever I laid out two 12x12 papers side by side (thinking how in the world am I going to fill this space???)

One of my pending assignments over at Two Peas was to record a process video of a two page spread.  Since it won't be going live at Two Peas anymore (insert super sad face here), I thought I would post the video here on my blog.  I would love to start including more videos, especially since I really do love making them and sharing them. I have a Vimeo account, as well as a YouTube account.  I know the ins and outs of Vimeo better, but it seems like YouTube has more traffic.  Any thoughts or suggestions for one vs. the other?

On to the video....
Here's a look at the layout I will sharing today.  It's based on the theme "a day in the life" and I used a photo collage rather than individual photos.  It came together very quickly and the large amount of space didn't seem that overwhelming once I got all my supplies and photos together!

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending part of your day here!!  I'm really missing Two Peas, so it's nice to be able to share videos and what not here.  
Would you like to see more videos??  I definitely enjoy making them!  Leave me some feedback and let me know what you think!!