12 on the Twelfth: May Pictures

It's been such a busy week on my little blog that I haven't had a chance to post my 12 on the 12th photos yet!  It was a pretty typical day and I love that I was finally able to capture an "ordinary" day for us.  Taking 12 photos is still quite a challenge, though, when life is going full speed ahead.  It's the end of the school year here and I am swapped with assignments....  but what I really love about this project, is that it makes me stop and look at our day AS it's happening.  Sometimes things move so fast I can only appreciate our day-to-day once it's happened.  Documenting May 12th reminded me of all that I have and all that I am thankful for.  So cheers to the camera! 

Here's a look at our day:

Did anyone else play along??  Link up your photos in the comments section if you did!  I would love to see your day!!  

Happy Friday everyone!!