12 on the Twelfth: March Pictures

So February went by in a flash, huh?
On to March we go...

The 12th kind of snuck up on me this month.  It fell on an absolutely "ordinary" day for us.  No snow, no school closing...nothing out of the ordinary.  I'm so happy that I finally go to capture a "normal" day.  

And once again, I'm so glad that I have chosen to do this project this year.  It's one more "thing" added to my plate, but it allows me to see our everyday as a whole....  It allows me to take a moment and reflect on what we do, who we are and what is most important.  It reminds me of how small and funny and silly our kids are.  And it reminds me to savor these moments because they are all too fleeting.  It gives me a little "push" to be more present in our day and not worry about all the small stuff (clean house, sparkly bathrooms, folded clothes).  

Here is a little glimpse of our day....

I switched back and forth between my iPhone and my Canon all day long.  It's much easier to snap photos with my iPhone, but I sure love the quality of my Canon.  Either way, it's a win-win because the moments are captured.

Did you play along this month?  
I'd love for you to link up below if you did!  And feel free to link up whenever!  Don't feel like you missed out on the 12th!  Take yours on the 13th or 14th....do what works for you!!