2013 faves: layouts

i am so thankful for all that this year has offered me.  i never in a million years would have imagined that this industry would open up so many doors for me.  creating is something that i have always done, but never in this fashion before.  i love this hobby and am so grateful for those of you who have visited me, left comments and given me more encouragement then you can imagine.  hugs and kisses to you all!!


magda mizera posted her 2013 favorites a few days ago and it got me thinking about all that i've created this year.  to say that i've made a few projects would be an understatement for sure.  i thought about counting up all of my layouts, but then figured i had better stuff to do with a few hours.  i'm thinking it's somewhere around the 400 mark for layouts.....basically, there are just too many to count.  my goal this week is to get these babies into an album.  we shall see!!  :)

here are a few of my favorite layouts from 2013!!  i'll be sharing my favorite minis and PL spreads over the next few days leading into the new year!!

happy monday!

Stephanie Bryan4 Comments