week in the life 2013 album & a video

i am so excited to share my 2013 week in the life album with you.  this is my third year doing week in the life, but my first year making a digital photo book with all of my photos.  i went back and forth about what i wanted to do and in the end i decided that digital was best for me.  right now, i'm overflowing in books and layouts and i love every.single.one.  but i wanted to do something different.

i looked around at all of the different options of digital photo books and i fell in love with artifact uprising as soon as i clicked on their main page.

the site is so clean and so inviting.  it took me about 45 minutes to upload and send my book to print (and nope...not being compensated with product for this review...just my honest to goodness opinions). i chose the 8.5x8.5 inch softcover book and i went with a very simple approach.  pictures and words. pictures and words.

i did a daily recap of each day and then followed that with my daily pictures.  using ali edwards daily sheets was a true lifesaver.  i left one page blank at the end of each day to go back and write notes and thoughts.  (but...knowing me and my OCD tendencies...it is highly unlikely that a pen, or even my children, will ever touch this book)

i put together a little video to show you a quick look at the book.  i felt like still photos didn't do it justice...you just have to look at to pretty music!  and just so you know...this is my very first video.  please don't judge me.  i'm apparently video-challenged.

here are a few photos of some of my favorite pages....

this photo was hands down my favorite photo of our week.  it's my week in a nut shell.  it's my week with a four-year old and a (very messy) two-year old.  it's my week as a momma.  it's what i do.  it's my life.  

so...what do you think??  i just love it!  and i love that it's all done and safely sitting waaaay up high on a shelf (i know, i know...i'm supposed to share).

tomorrow i will share how i incorporated this week into my project life album.  i originally just planned to skip over this week, but.....i just couldn't do it.  i kept it pretty simple, though!!  

thanks so much for stopping by!! 
see you tomorrow!