project life: week 18

our week 18 is in the books.  and it was quite an interesting and busy week.  it started off with princess day at preschool and ended up with a trip to the ER for a dislocated elbow.  i thought i would have lots of words this week, but i think the busy-ness of the week just wore on me and i kinda just winged it here.  i might regret just flying through to have it finished one day, but right now, i'm just glad that it's done and i can turn the page.  

this week was completely captured with my iphone.  and it was a pretty basic capture.  i didn't do my typical "interesting angle" shots like where i get down on the floor and people think i'm crazy.  so maybe that's why i wasn't "feeling it" this week.  something to remember from now on.  but...being busy is just that....busy.  i'm glad i captured the memories i did.  and i think the overall look of the week tells "our story".

my goal is to be a little more "aware" this week.  i kinda like where i think about the week and plan in my head prior to just sitting down to put the week together.

ok...enough rambling from me!!  

here is a look at the whole spread...

and here is a closer look at each side and some detail shots.  definitely nothing fancy this week!!

yep...that's it!  hope i didn't disappoint anyone!  :)
have a great wednesday! hopefully i will find my "mojo" and be more inspiring next week!