this week...

this week has been pretty crazy.

tuesday, i had two sick kids with that awful stomach bug.
wednesday, my little man ran into the corner of a table and slashed his head open.  dermabond to the rescue...
thursday, my little lady woke up lethargic from dehydration.  (by far the scariest of them all).

right now, both are resting on the couch watching a movie.  i'm forcing popsicles and liquids like it's my job.  my heart has done flip flops this week watching the two of them be sick.  we don't get sick, usually, so this is waaaaay out of the ordinary for us.  so thankful for our health and our fighting immune systems.  praying for a speedy recovery for them both!

hoping the rest of this week and the weekend are sunshiny happy for us!!  

have a happy weekend everyone!!