this is our story...

nicole samuels posted a challenge on her blog this week to create a layout about how your journey with memory keeping began.  I'm desperately missing the daily Bright Ideas challenges at Studio Calico and I loved the idea of documenting "your story".

For me, my memory keeping journey began in 2011 with project life.  i love project life (as you probably know if you follow my blog).  it's perfect for recording the little bits and pieces of life.  but i've also fallen in love with making layouts and documenting more memories.  i do it because i love paper and stuff.  and because it keeps me sane.  it's my little "quiet place" where i get to be creative and dream.  

but i also love having those little conversations of my children written down in one place.  and ticket stubs from plays (even if they are awful).

so this was layout for nicole's challenge.  i created a "project life" style layout, of course.  i'm loving it so much.  i love how it documents "our story".