project life: week 6

i had so much fun putting this past week together.  i think it's the awesome dear lizzy 5th & frolic collection that just makes me smile.  

i ended up with a ton of photos this week so i decided to add an insert.  

below is the spread without the insert...

i wasn't quite sure what i wanted to do with the heart (on the left side of the page), so i just punched another heart from a piece of speckled white cardstock and then added an evalicious badge on top.  i love how you can see the previous week peeking through when the page is flipped...

here's a better look at each side...

photos, journaling, embellishments....

this is the insert for this week.
i'm in love with everything dear lizzy.  it just makes me happy.  i hoard most of her stuff, but decided to break out some of the papers, tags and stickers for this insert.  lisa truesdell did a similar project life insert at two peas last year and i have been dying to do something similar.  i think it might be my favorite insert. ever.

i cut down one of the design A page protectors so that i had two 4x6 and two 3x4 on the front and back.  i used photoshop to create a simple picture collage since i had so many photos to add.  for the collage on the front, i hid two of the layers so i could add my title.  and for the back collage, i hid the top middle layer so i could sew on a little heart card.

i plan on sharing my layered photoshop file later this week so be sure to check back!

here's a peek of what the insert looks like in the album...

thanks so much for stopping by!!  

and in case you missed it....i had a free laundry card download yesterday.
check it out here

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