project life: week 5

and we're moving on...

already done with week 5 of this year.  that's crazy to think about.

not as many photos, but more journaling this week. 

one of my favorite things from my previous two albums (2011, 2012) is the journaling and little notes.  i originally thought "seriously....who is going to read all of these???", but we do...we all do.  it's neat to get a glimpse of our day and it's fun to read about all the things we have already forgotten about.

here's what the week together looks like...

and here's the left and right pages individually..

i added a flip up card to add lots of journaling this week.  we had a scary 911 call early monday morning and i wanted to get all those thoughts, feelings and facts in one place.

i also made a vellum pocket to hold some screen shots of some texts from my husband.  he was out of town all week and i didn't want to exclude him. cool would it be to stumble across some little notes written between your parents when you were little.

the little heart where anna wrote her name is adhered to a piece of clear hambly overlay so you can see the pages behind it.

so loving every bit of this album.

if you want to see my previous here.

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