my project life organization

i thought i would share a little about my project life organization.

i have one large desk in my craft room and a small dresser where i keep most of my supplies.  
i like to keep the things i use most out where i can see them rather than tucked away in a drawer.
my ocd-self would like them nicely put away, but i tend to forget about things that are hidden away.

i keep all of my tags, labels and little paper embellishments in this divided lazy susan.  it's great because, not only does it swivel, each compartment can be taken out and then replaced.  occasionally, i will rotate stuff around so i can remember what's on the bottom...rather than just looking through the top of the stacks all the time...

i keep my 6x6 notepads, paper i've cut down to 4x6 and some other little goodies in this basket on my desk.  it's handy for when i want to add something to my page or need a "filler".

i also keep my studio calico project life kit cards and other journaling cards in a little tin on my desk.  i've categorized the types of journaling cards by "theme" so that i can easily flip through and find what i need.

i store most of my cut files in this baseball card protector.  it's great because i can see exactly what i have and it keeps all the fragile pieces from getting torn or mishandled.

my lovely collection of washi tape is kept in a hurricane vase on my dresser.  it's quite beautiful to look at and the best part about using the glass vase is that i can see all the rolls...not just the ones on the top.

there you have it.  that's how i try to stay organized.  i'm pretty much a neat freak so i like everything put away at the end of the day.  having a place for everything to go definitely keeps me sane.

let me know if you have any questions and give yourself a great big pat on the back if you made it to the bottom of this post!!