Why you should book an in-home session


There is something so very special about an in-home session. The walls of your home hold SO many memories and so much love. This is the place where you come to be together. Home is where you can shut out the world and focus on what is most important. And capturing your family in those moments is so incredibly priceless.

I know most of you probably don't feel like your home is "picture perfect" or "photo ready" and the good news is that it doesn't have to be. An in-home session isn't about taking photos in a perfectly organized, newly decorated home. It's about capturing your family in the here + now. It's recording your everyday and home as they are today......all which will change way too quickly.

In-home sessions are slower paced and give you time to do the things your family does together naturally - read books, cuddle, make snacks, bake, paint - whatever it is that makes YOU you. These sessions typically last about 1-2 hours and I truly love these types of sessions because I can literally sit back and watch your family interact and capture you as you are. 

And let's not forget about your house and the surrounding areas (backyard/parks/trails). These places are the heart of your family and are always included in the process. What I wouldn't give to have photos taken when my babies were both under 2 in our home in Maryland. Time changes so quickly and I would have loved to have those memories/rooms/toys recorded. 

So, yes! In-home sessions are where it's at folks. It's a true glimpse into your everyday and that truly can't be beat. If you're interested in scheduling an in-home session, I would absolutely LOVE to chat with you!! Email me at stephanie@stephaniebryanphoto.com.