Why I love shooting in live view

Stephanie Bryan Photography - why i love shooting in live view

If you have a live view mode on your DSLR, I highly recommend turning it on and playing around! It takes a little bit of getting used to, but lately, it's been my go-to for both my personal and client photos. And if you need some convincing, here are a few reasons why I love shooting in live view!

1. Perfect focus

I shoot with a Canon 6D which has just a handful of focus points when shooting through the optical viewfinder. In live view mode, I'm able to use the control guide dial (the round dial to the right of your live view screen) to pinpoint the exact area I want in focus. The dial allows me to move my focus point anywhere on my screen and then focus right on that area. I've found this function super helpful when trying to focus on a subject that is backlit, when shooting in low light or when framing my subject. 

Stephanie Bryan Photography - tips for using live view

2. Better composed shots

Live view mode is great for changing your view and perspective. I typically always use the live view mode when I shoot looking straight down on my subjects. In live view mode, I'm able to compose my shots and get them exactly as I want them to look in camera. This helps a TON and keeps me from having to spend too much time fixing angles and cropping in post processing.

3. See exposure and white balance adjustments

When you're in live view mode and change your exposure or white balance, you can see the differences/changes on the screen. Again, I've found this super helpful when shooting in low light, backlight and ambient lighting.