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Stephanie Bryan Photography - Squarespace Tips + Tricks

I switched from a Blogger blog to Squarespace at the end of last year and I could not be happier! I loved my Blogger blog (and the fact that it was FREE), but I needed more space and wanted to streamline my site. I searched around for  a while trying to figure out the best option for me and I always kept coming back to Squarespace. Squarespace is SO easy to use and modify and oh so user-friendly. I know a teeny-tiny bit of code, but I really had no desire to write code, change code or try to design my own site from the ground up. Squarespace allowed me to totally customize my site and make it just the way I wanted it. I honestly couldn't be happier. 

But just like anything new, there's a definite learning curve to the site. I've watched so many YouTube videos or googled more about Squarespace than I even care to admit, lol. But it's always been worth it and I have always been able to figure out what I'm trying to accomplish with the design of my site.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite Squarespace tips and tricks!

1. Press the "ESC" key to return to the backend of your site

If you are looking at your live site, you can press the "esc" key to open the editable version of your website (assuming that you are logged in on your computer). Love this little trick!

2. Summary blocks

I LOVE summary blocks and I probably use them WAY more than I should, lol. They are so easy to create and customize and I love that you can add links to individual images. Currently, I use a summary block to organize my blog posts on my website (see image below). I know gone are the days where people sit and read blog post after blog post, so I've tried to simplify my page and make my work easier to find.

Stephanie Bryan Photography - Squarespace tips


3. Reply to comments in one location

This feature is phenomenal and is such a time saver. If you are in the backend of your website, click the "Comments" tab and then the "speech bubble" next to your commenter's name. A comment box will pop appear and then you can type and post right there from your comments page. Work your way down your comments and reply to all quick and easily! 

Stephanie Bryan Photography - Squarespace Tips

4. Customize your pages

Unlike other platforms, Squarespace page's are completely customizable. You can drag, rearrange and resize photos on almost any page. When you hover over an image, the image guides will appear around the photo. Just drag the "dots" on either top/bottom/left/right to resize the image. To create a row or grid of photos, just drag and drop the photos where you want them. So super easy.

stephanie Bryan Photography - squarespacetips

5. Linked social media accounts

If you've linked your social media accounts to your site, you can easily add them right into your pages. No more having to pay a service to populate your accounts onto your page. I like to always include my Instagram account at the bottom of my blog posts with a CTA "follow" button. Squarespace is genius.

Stephanie Bryan Photography - Squarespace Tips 1


6. Mobile + tablet view

Squarespace is already mobile-friendly as it is, but being able to see how your site will appear on a mobile device or tablet is always a plus. Just like everything else, Squarespace makes viewing your site in these formats super easy. Click on the little triangle at the very top of your screen (right above your main header or image) and you'll see options for viewing your site on a mobile device, tablet or desktop. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 2.10.00 PM.png

Are you a Squarespace user? Do you have any tips or tricks to make your blogging and website process easier? And if you're looking to change website platforms, I couldn't recommend Squarespace more!! xo

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