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Updated March 26, 2018 -

Mama + Me sessions have SOLD OUT! Send me an email if you would like to be on the waitlist!

"Mama: The glue that holds everything together even when she feels like she may fall apart."

I love my babies so much it hurts. They are my heart and soul. But being a mama is hard work. It's work that's selfless and usually goes unnoticed. It's day in, day out. It's never-ending. Your babies may be older and grown now, but they still need you just as much. Mamas are the heartbeat to a family. Let's celebrate YOU, mama.


I'm bringing back a limited number of Mama + Me lifestyle sessions because YOU need to be in front of the camera. We all know that mamas are usually the ones BEHIND the cameras. They are the ones documenting those little moments of life. They are the ones who cherish the tiny details of the day. Dads are ALL in those photos. But what about you? You need to put on a pretty dress and snuggle your babies and let someone else worry about snapping away for a change!

Capturing the bond of mothers and their children is near and dear to me. I lost my mama when I was just 19 and there isn't one day that goes by where I don't wish she were still here. The photos I have of us together are PRICELESS. Beyond priceless. They aren't professional photos, just snapshots, but I am so thankful someone picked up a camera that day and captured that moment in time. After becoming a mama to my two little ones, it just seemed like life passed too quickly and everyone kept changing and growing and evolving. Capturing you and your children NOW is so very important. 


Mama + Me sessions are for mamas and babies only (sorry dads.....) and will start in your home and conclude outdoors. Home is where your heart is and where you likely spend the most time with your babies. Being at home lets you and your kiddos take a collective sigh and relax into the moment. These in-home sessions are going to be honest, intimate and timeless. They will capture YOU as you are now, and are a wonderful portrayal of your beautiful life as a mama. 

These sessions are perfect for:

- Mamas who yearn for those priceless moments with your kids to be recorded and documented.

-Mamas who want someone to step in capture all the love you shower your kiddos every single day.

- Mamas who are willing to slow down, take a deep breath and let me in to the craziness of your day so I can give you a glimpse of your amazing life

These sessions aren't really perfect for:

- Mamas who want only "perfectly-posed-everyone-cheesing-at-the-camera" images. I always try for an image with everyone looking and smiling, but my sessions are more than perfectly posed photos.

- Mamas who aren't willing to slow down, take a deep breath and let me in to the craziness of your day




Let me spoil you, mama! I would LOVE to get you and your littles in front of my lens!! xo