Around our clocks - 9am

stephaniebryan_march2 copy.jpg

Happy Monday, friends!
The "Around Our Clocks" blog circle continues and today we are all sharing a glimpse at what our 9:00am looks like. We have been tracked out of school for the past three weeks, so our 9am looks very different now than it did a month ago. During the weekdays, my two are at school, but over their track outs, we venture out to a new spot almost every day. We love exploring our local parks and lakes. On this day, Anna was with a friend, so Drew, Chase and I went exploring around the lake. These two are just two peas in a pod and I love around water (and sand and rocks), they are in their element. 

It drizzled on us when we first got there and we alllllllmost left, but the rain passed right on by and we had the entire lake to ourselves. Such a peaceful morning. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! To continue on the "Around Our Clocks" blog circle, click on over to Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography, South Florida Documentary Family Photographer to see what her 9am looks like.