A blank canvas | North Carolina Family Photographer


A big blue sky + a few puffy clouds. Sounds like heaven to me.

The beach seriously has to be THE BEST spot for family photos. It's basically a big blank canvas to create whatever you wish. The mix of the baby blue sky and the white sandy beaches make for the most beautiful family photos. And not to mention, you're at THE BEACH, so basically it's like a vacation WITH photos. It's just YOU and your family - loving on each other, being together and running free! All shot on film!

The best thing about living in the middle of North Carolina is that we have the beach on one side and the mountains on the other. Living in Raleigh lets us take advantage of both magical spots - and it also gives me the ability to hop over to one or the other and capture you and your family in these beautiful vacation spots. Ever thought about having a beautiful set of family photographs with your kids frolicking through the water, toes in sand and hugs as the ocean rolls in the background? Um, yes please! Doesn't that sound just amazing? I have a few beach sessions lined up for this summer in our beautiful beaches and would LOVE to get your family in front of my camera as well! And I can travel to the mountains too if you prefer something a little more tranquil and nature-y (I totally know that's not even a word, but oh well....).

And with that, I know that you want to book a beach session immediately, right??. : ) Call or email me with your vacation location and vacation plans (or just click this link riiiiiiight here) and let's see if we can figure something out! 

Here's some beach eye-candy to give you a glimpse of what those amazing beach sessions are all about! Enjoy!