A new year. A new start.


A new year. A new start. 

I know we all feel ready to conquer the new year and all that it holds. I always try to reflect on what I might be able to give the new year and how I want to approach the months in early January. I usually struggle quite a bit because I always end up thinking about what others may expect of me or what path I'm "supposed" to take. I wish I could remember at what age I found my “comfort zone” because I would totally go back and say "peace out" to that.

After really thinking about the year and what I may like to accomplish, I decided 2018 is all about stepping out of said “comfort zone” because, honestly, following rules and worrying about others expectations are so last year. So.....2018 is allllllll about being different, seeking out weirdness and embracing whatever the heck I want...whatever that might be. So expect some weird stuff here.

And in no particular order, here are some things I'd love to accomplish in 2018:

-Be a better mama and wife to my kids and husband.

-Be present and truly focused on what is going on around me.

-Stop worrying about rules and others expectations.

-Read 100 books.

-Meal plan.

-Exercise more.

-Travel for family sessions + connect with clients who want what I can give them.

-Blog more personal stuff.

-Rave on and on and on about film because it has changed my life.