January in photos + some thoughts


A Project 365 is scary and daunting, but I'm determined to make it work for me this year. I'm trying to keep the BIG PICTURE in mind, which is to document our everyday. The in-between moments. The small snippets of our life.

It doesn't sound like much, but a photo a day is harder than you would think. This project has definitely been more challenging than I had imagined. We are usually up and out the door before the sun is all the way up and then are creeping back home as the sun is setting. That doesn't leave much "time" for well-lit photos. I've had to rely more on ambient lighting than I ever had before, but you know...it's working out just fine. Our life doesn't just occur when the lighting is nice and pretty and perfect and capturing those moments is what this project is all about. I'm learning to make the most of the time I have and am trying to appreciate all of the little ins + outs of our day. 

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