He, She + Me - February

HE: begs to be homeschooled every.single.day • painted his nails yellow + was proud of it • tells people he wants to be a proctologist when he grows up just to see their reaction • refuses to sleep under his sheets • gets a kick out of annoying his sister all day, every day • is a professional trampoline jumper • calls nachos “tiny tacos” and begs for them at every meal • still has a crazy game of tag going on with dad • is the ultimate homebody • can’t fall asleep without a lullaby 

SHE: has a tender heart • is starting a book club at her school • counts down the days until the next full moon so her fairy will visit • sings so much we’ve dubbed her our live-in Pandora station • is always excited about something • groans and moans whenever we want to watch a new movie + then declares it her absolute favorite when we’re done • is upside down (in a handstand) more than right side up • sleeps with seven books, three lovies, four pillows + a handful of stuffed animals 

ME: keeping perspective + a laid-back approach to my project 365 + blogging almost every day and loving it • addicted to my Kindle + everything historical fiction • on day 24 of Whole 30 • living on frozen grapes + pickles wrapped in turkey • instagram > Facebook (always) • planning our family valentines date • grateful 

Project Mama + Me is a monthly project created to remember all the little bits + pieces of our everyday. Follow #projectmamaandme on Instagram.