3 Inspiring Photography Workshops

Stephanie Bryan Photography - 3 inspiring photography workshops

When it comes to photography, I feel like I just can't stop reading and learning and growing. I love how the learning possibilities are endless and how many different avenues you can venture down. Photography has become more than a hobby to me. It's my passion. It's my outlet. It's my adult way of still growing and learning. 

In 2016, I took SO many amazing classes from the most amazing artists and today I thought I would share my top three "must take" classes with you!

The Art of Lifestyle Newborn

Elise Meader's class was a game-changer for me. Her breakout session from Clickin' Moms included so much detail and information and Elise just seems so "real". Her breakfout was so easy to follow and the fact that it only cost $50 seemed like a pure steal. While the class is geared toward newborn photography, the overall basis of the class is lifestyle photography and I found that everything in the class was very applicable to just about any client situation. One of things I love most about what Elise does and teaches is the raw emotion and true connection she seems to capture. The class includes a few editing video tutorials, as well as a "behind the scenes" video of a newborn lifestyle session. Maybe it was just where I was personally, but this breakout basically inspired me to give this whole photography thing a go and I couldn't be more grateful for everything Elise shared and everything I took away. 

Everyday Beauty

I've mentioned this class before here on the blog and I still truly believe Ginger Unzueta is magical. She has a way with words + feelings that always leaves you wanting to be a better photographer, story-teller, person.... 

Everyday Beauty was a full participation, 4-week class offered over at Everything Bloom and it changed me on so many different levels. It helped me take a step back and look at my everyday life and the beauty around it. It reminded me why I love photographs + capturing our days in the first place...not to have the perfect shot in the perfect light, but to document our crazy, wild and sometimes weird life. 

Daily shooting is recommend for this class and Ginger also pairs the daily assignments with journaling prompts. The prompts aren't photography related, but they were magical when it came to self-reflection, peace and clarity. I loved connecting with Ginger and all of the people in the class. There was no judgement or criticism or feels of inadequacy. It was full of love, compassion, encouragement and kindness. This class was a soul-searching class with a photography base and I may have had a little post-class depression when the class ended. 

The Sincere Storyteller: Capturing Your Life In A New Light

I had the honor of meeting Meg Loeks at Click Away in Seattle this past August. She was as sweet and kind as you would think she would be. I also had the priviledge of attending two of her classes while at CA and what she does is truly outstanding. Meg has a way with light and composition like no one I've ever seen before. I am always amazed at her photos and how she always uses the available light to her advantage.

Meg's breakout (offered at Clickin Moms) is packed full of information, videos, tips and more. Meg shares in-depth videos of how she makes her light work for her and situation and honestly, just watching her in action is pretty spectacular. The class also includes several post processing videos that really helped me get a better grasp on the ways to make Lightroom work for me. Most of all, this class showed me how to make the most of my home environment and how to better utilize the light around me. While I do love a good sunset shoot, the reality is that most of our memories happen within our home. Meg's class gave me the confidence to seek out light in my house and to capture our daily activities as they occurred. 

Do you have any favorite classes or breakouts to share? I am always looking for inspiring classes. Share in the comments below! I'd love to hear your faves!