Giving Thanks

We've hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the past two years and we couldn't be more grateful for family who is willing to travel to us. We love having everyone here and the countdown for their arrival begins weeks in advance. My kids LOVE their cousins and we all love watching them together. Our Thanksgiving was very relaxed and simple this year. Lots of laughter, yummy food and tons of fun. I'm so thankful for our family and hope they know just how much they mean to me and us. 

My top 10 list of Thanksgiving favorites:

  1. Having all of our family here for days on end! I love the early morning coffee, papers and talks, as well as the late night movies and Whirly-Pop popcorn.
  2. Endless hours of jumping on the trampoline. Our kids barely came inside this week.
  3. The "drippy" gingerbread turkey decoration
  4. Celebrating Drew's birthday a few days early with a birthday song sang as loud as possible and bowls of whipped cream + sprinkles.
  5. Black Friday shopping at Target and Barnes + Nobles....and introducing my mother-in-law to the dollar section at Target!
  6. Giggling non-stop at Bad Moms and then concocting our plan to be "Bad Moms" for the rest of the weekend (fyi - our plan didn't work...we couldn't pour the cereal straight from the boxes into our mouths...).
  7. Listening to Anna and Drew tell stories and read books together on the air mattress in our room.
  8. Conversations around the fire pit.
  9. The "talent show" complete with drums, dancing and a guitar solo the kids put on for us on Thanksgiving day.
  10. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law cleaning my kitchen NON-STOP all week. Please come back.