September Project Life Album - Part I

As the year has gone, I've worried each month about being able to try something fun and new with this project.  That was pretty much my main goal for starting this monthly albums this past January.  I was kind of tired with the normal 12x12 Project Life pages, but still wanted to document our days and our memories.  

I love creating mini albums, so it was pretty much an easy decision when it came to creating albums every month.  And every month I stress about the size and how to do something "new", and then every month I fall in love with a different sized/type of album.

This month, I chose to use a Travelers Notebook for our memory keeping.  I have a few of these pretties, but mainly have used them for lists, notes, etc.  I hadn't merged the two yet.  Now I am SO glad I did.

The Travelers Notebook is the perfect little "album" for creating a mini album.  The base pages are white and clean and are already bound together (and super score that you can create your own inserts and pages).

I'm over on the Studio Calico blog today sharing a look at our September in the Travelers Notebook.  This month is by far my favorite.  I love how compact and simple this album - how the photos take the center stage and really pop from those white pages.  

In this month's video, I talk about some of my different tips and tricks for working with the Travelers Notebook, so be sure to check it out!!  Thanks so much for letting me share these monthly albums with you!  As the year comes to a close, I'm just so grateful that I have these books and all of these memories recorded.