Painted Canvas Instagram Photos

I had a strong desire to paint something last week.  Too bad I'm not a painter.  :)
Then I stumbled across this lovely new blog and this blog post and decided to pull out my colorful paints and make the most of some of the Instagram photos I had printed of our summer.  I didn't have any blocks handy (nor do I trust myself enough with any type of cutting device), so I stopped by the craft store and picked up a handful of 4x4 canvases. 

These little canvases are so stinkin' cute that I actually had a hard time at first painting them.  But, Drew convinced me they needed color, so we pulled out our paints and got to work!

The colors are so bright and so vibrant and totally scream summer.  They actually kind of make me want some ice cream (is it just me??).

After the paint dried, I used Mod Podge to adhere my instagram photos to the canvases.  So so easy! 

The kids and I have been having a little fight about where these pretties get to hang.  Right now, I have them in my craft room.  Since they are so light, I was able to adhere them with removeable poster adhesive, which is probably a good thing because I'm pretty sure the kids are going to try to sneak them into their rooms soon!

Wherever they end, they will remind us of summer and our fun memories. 
There's nothing better than your awesome life looking back at you everyday.