Maggie Holmes Design Team: Summer Activity Books

If you have kiddos, I'm sure you have heard "I'm bored" at least once this summer.  My kids do a pretty good job of playing together or alone, but I still hear that "I'm bored" sentence a few times each week.  Planning ahead tends to be key for me.  We have a daily schedule (when the kids aren't in camp) that lists what we will be doing for the day.  It's nothing to extravagant or crazy - just little things that they can do to stay busy AND be creative.  

One of the fun activities on our list this week is to draw, write and tell stories in these cute little summer activity books.  These books are SO simple and easy to make and the kids just love them!  Stop by Maggie's blog for a quick tutorial for creating summer mini books of your own!  The possibilities are endless for these cute books!