Project Life: March 2014

Yep.  This is March 2014.  And yep.  I'm still adding in photos from last year.  My 2014 album is "finished" per se, but there were A LOT of photos that didn't quite make it into my album.  I take waaaay too many photos to add them all in each month using a regular Design A (or any 12x12 page protector).  I completed about 2 or so spreads per month last year (give or take), so my goal this year is to go back in and add in the extra photos using the Studio Calico Project Life kits.  If you follow along with me, you probably know that I've switched things up a little and am creating MONTHLY Project Life albums.  I love love love the monthly books and I love how I've included every single photo I've taken in the books.  Some months I've added a collage (or two) to get them all in, but I managed to get them in there and that's pretty darn cool to me!

These photos here are just a sprinkling from our March/Spring of last year.  I went by the dates of the photos and then added in what I could remember about the photos.  I also pulled out my journal from last year and used some quotes/memories from these days.  I obviously didn't include all of the daily details in these pages, but I love that these photos and words finally made it into my album. 

This is actually one 9x12 inch insert.  I just trimmed down a Design A page protector, sewed along the top and bottom pockets on the far right edge (these were 4x6 pockets and I trimmed them to 3x4).  Making the products you have work for what you have in mind is the best!  You can also grab the 9x12 size now over at Studio Calico!!

Here's a look at the front and the back of the insert:

The journaling cards from the Odyssey Project Life kit were just perfect for "spring" photos!  The pops of yellow and blue are so pretty and subtle.  The extras from the PL kit were just as fabulous!!  If you missed out on the kit this month, there are still some available!!!  And if you are like me and always want to have extra journaling cards on hand, you can pick up a printable set of the Odyssey journaling cards!!  So so fun!

As you can see, I typed my journaling either onto my photos or journaling cards.  I love typed text and it's just so easy to do!!  I also added in a bit of stitching on my cards and photos.  Stitching just seems to make everything look "finished" in my spread.

That "selfie fail" journaling card is my fave!!  And our "silly faces" photo couldn't be more perfect for that card.  I feel like the majority of the "selfie" photos we take end up looking like that, LOL!

For the "go into the world and do good" journaling card, I actually flipped back through my journal from last year and found these prayer from Anna.  It never made it into our album last year, but I'm so glad it's in there now.  (And I'm so glad I write everything down!!).

There you go!!  Just a simple 9x12 spread full of photos and words!!  Spreads like this remind me that this project doesn't have to be crazy or complicated.  All you need are words and photos.  That's it.  And they don't have to be from last week or even last month!  Pull out what you have and see what you can remember!  I bet you will surprise yourself!  And if you aren't ready to start (but are on the fence), I highly suggest starting a little journal and jotting down notes/quotes/memories on a daily basis!  It will be a lifesaver when you go to put your pages together!