I am a total "hands on" person. I need to SEE something in action...feel how it what I need to order to full understand something. I bet you might be that way too. Reading all you can and watching YouTube videos can definitely set you off in the right direction, but actually seeing the process and working it through yourself is gonna be that game changer to understanding!

If you're wanting to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, I would LOVE to help guide and mentor you! Whether you are wanting to learn that digital camera you got for Christmas but haven't turned off of Auto mode yet, or if you want to dive deep into the hows and whys of film, or maybe you even want to learn more about the business side of things, I'm here for ya!  I have had a camera by my side for more years than I can count and I have spent countless hours studying, reading, watching, practicing and more. Photography is my life. It's my passion and it's what makes my heart go pitter-patter. I love sharing and I'm an open book!! 

Mentoring sessions are for anyone wanting to learn more of…

  • the basics of film

  • film cameras + the difference between 35mm and medium format cameras

  • metering for film

  • film stocks

  • light leaks, double exposures and the creative side of film

  • the basics of home development of film

  • digital cameras and the basics of shooting

  • how to get out of auto mode and shoot in manual

  • Photoshop and Lightroom education

  • exposure, aperture, shutter speed + how they work together

  • capture families and newborns at home on film

  • family photography and the process of a session

  • post-processing and editing techniques

  • maximizing your workflow

  • portfolio and website critique

  • or maybe you just need a confidence boost!



Mentoring sessions can take place online or in-person! The choice is yours!

Online sessions are 3 hours and are completed over video sharing on the internet.

In-person mentoring sessions are 6 hours and are more intensive and hands on (and can include a shooting session if desired)!

For more information or to set up your mentoring session, email me at - or drop me a message on my Contact page!


Stephanie Bryan Photography is a film photographer who specializes in newborns, families, brands, events and commercial photography in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas, including but not limited to Wake Forest, Durham and Chapel Hill.