Hi friends.

I am SO excited to see you all in a few weeks and I can't wait to snap a few photos of your sweet family while we are visiting the Salt Flats! My plan is to take each family aside for about 15 minutes and shoot a little mini session with each of you! I actually really LOVE mini sessions because they are short, sweet and to the point! They are absolutely perfect for those wiggly ones and little kiddos. While these photo sessions may be brief, I promise they will be tons of fun! Below is a little information about our upcoming (short) session. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! I can't wait to see you! 


The session details:

Location: Bonneville Salt Flats (I know the Salt Flats are huge, so I will send you an exact location the day of our meeting).

Time: Thursday, April 26. Mid-afternoon to sunset (See #5 below regarding timing).

Our session will be quick, but I promise to capture some amazing shots of you and your sweet family! We will have a mix of posed and unposed moments. For the most part, I'm going to ask that you please just IGNORE my camera and the fact that I'm taking your photo! I know photos can feel awkward and weird anyway, so just pretend that I'm not there and focus on your family! I will settle you all into some pretty light in a perfect place and will help guide you as needed. After I take a few "look at me shots", I typically will keep you in that spot for a few minutes and will work my way around each of you to capture your interaction, special moments and more. I want you to spend our time together focusing on YOUR sweet family! I want you to relax and cuddle your babies, give them kisses, hug your husband! I want the REAL you. Your REAL family moments. Those REAL smiles.

If you ever get to a point where you aren't sure what to do, grab someone close and give them a squeeze. Or pick your son up and twirl him around. Play with your daughter's sweet curls. Or nuzzle into your spouse's neck. Just be in this moment with your family. (And mamas, be sure to share this bit of information with all those dads!). I promise to capture some of those "everyone look at the camera and smile" moments too, so don't worry! :)

important tips

1. Even though our time together is quick, please make sure everyone in your family has eaten a little something before we meet! I always suggest avoiding foods that might stain mouths, teeth, lips, etc.. (pasta sauce, colored drinks, candy, etc...).

2. Since the Salt Flats provide such a neutral background, I recommend a wardrobe that includes a mix of coordinating colors. This will help your photos pop against the blue sky and white salt/sands! Let me know if you need any help deciding what to wear! I love selecting wardrobes!

3. I usually like to take a few minutes to warm up to everyone but since our time is limited, please talk to your kids about me and our upcoming super quick session! Tell them you're going to meet a friend and that we are going to have SO MUCH FUN! 

4. I'm a mama to two and sometimes I know I need back-up reinforcement. I'm not against offering up a treat or reward for positive behavior, so feel free to promise a family trip to get ice cream afterwards or something sweet! 

5. My plan is to head to the Salt Flats mid afternoon-ish on Thursday and then stay until around sunset (which is around 8)!! Please email me and let me know what your plans are for that day and evening and what time might work best for you! I'm sure you all are planning on taking some photos as well and my afternoon is super flexible, so no need to worry on an exact time!

6. Please click on the two images below (contract and model release) to complete these forms prior to our session.