What to wear for your session | Raleigh Film Photographer


I totally get it. Deciding what to wear for your family or newborn session can be a nightmare and headache. I can help my clients ALL day long figure out what to wear, but as soon as it's my turn to be in front of the camera, I freeze up and basically just shut down mentally, lol.

My biggest suggestion for selecting a wardrobe for your session is to start with YOU, MAMA - and then go from there. I know, I know...these photos aren't all about the mama, but you better bet mama will ALWAYS be the main focus in the majority of the images. I always strive to make mama look amazing, because let's face it.....if everyone else looks outstanding, but mama doesn't love the way she looks, well...that photo isn't going to make it very far.

So step 1 is to find something beautiful and special for mama. Long flowing dresses are THE BEST OPTION when it comes to family and newborn photos. You may be rolling your eyes at me right now saying "but Stephanie, I NEVER wear dresses"; and you know what?? Me either! BUT - when it comes time for family pictures, I am searching Free People, Anthropologie and Piper + Scoot looking for the perfect flowing dress like it's my job because there is nothing more beautiful than a mama with her babies in a long, flowing dress. 

And I also know you are saying "but Stephanie, we are having photos taken in our home - do I really need to wear a dress?". Um and the answer is - UM, DEFINITELY! Inside or outside, long flowing dresses are beautiful, timeless and perfect!

I always suggest looking for a dress that has flow and movement, as well as a little bit of texture - maybe the sleeves have lace, or the bottom part of the dress/skirt is tulle. Textures add so much depth and dimension to photos. You can't ever go wrong with texture.

For spring and summer sessions, opt for lighter or pastel colors to really make your photos pop! For fall and winter sessions, warmer colors and floral patterns are the perfect combination!

So since you've already picked out your dress (right, mama???), styling the rest of the family is easy peasy! All you have left to do now is to select colors and patterns that COMPLIMENT, but not match your dress! Long gone are the days of family sessions where everyone is dressed in a classic white button down shirt and khaki pants! You want your wardrobe to have variety and some style!

Style your wardrobe around your dress and opt for items that bring out your dress! I always suggest having ONE pattern in your wardrobe, so if you are wearing a solid colored dress, have your daughter in a small-patterned top and solid skirt! OR - if your dress is patterned, dress the rest of your family in solid colors (or maybe add in a small complimentary pattern, such as stripes to go with your floral dress).

My typical suggestions for wardrobes: 

Mom: long, flowing dress or skirt with some texture!

Dad: Neutral colored button down, polo skirt or v-neck shirt and solid pants (no jeans!).

Little boys: solid colored or striped polo shirt or button down with khaki or neutral colored shorts/pants.

Little girls: solid colored or small patterned dress that has a little bit of flow and movement.

Remember textures and accessories can work great with everyone!! Throw a fluffy vest over your daughter's dress, or add a scarf to your son! Little extras can add a ton of interest to a photo!

And with that, I know that you want to book a session immediately, right??. : ) Here's the low-down for ya. Family sessions are typically done in your home + fave places...we usually always venture outside around your home to play  (weather permitting). Some folks like to do just their house and yard, some folks like to do just one room of their house and their favorite park up the road. We're not meeting in some random park or place you've never been before. These are the places that matter most to you. This stage/house/moment you're at right now will be totally different and changed and just "where in the world did time go?" a year from now. Take the time to capture your here and now. I promise you will NEVER regret preserving those in-between moments. Call or email me for session deets (or just click this link riiiiiiight here).