Around our clocks - 5pm

Happy Monday, friends!

The "Around Our Clocks" blog circle continues and today we are all sharing a glimpse at what our 5:00pm looks like. Five o'clock is an "in-between" time for us most days. We are just getting home from school and unwinding a little before homework and dinner. Both of mine usually gravitate towards coloring, books, legos or the trampoline (of course!). 

Before daylight savings time (anyone struggling today????), the sun is just starting to set at the front of our house around 5pm. The light always streams into both Anna and Drew's room and I can usually catch the most beautiful flare coming in through their windows! On this particular day, Anna was making a card for a friend and I was able to catch her in that gorgeous light! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! To continue on the "Around Our Clocks" blog circle, click on over to Christina Biasi's blog to and see what her 5pm looks like!