The Bloom Collective - Light Graffiti

The Bloom Collective pushed me out of my comfort zone this month and it was absolutely wonderful. The theme for our challenge was "light graffiti", which is basically light painting or light drawing (and yep - I totally had to google that when we got our assignment).


After reading a few articles about light graffiti, I decided on using glow sticks with my kids to try to create certain patterns or shapes. I can't tell you how excited my two were to dress in all black, turn out the lights and play around with glow sticks. A majority of our images turned out to be a hot mess, but there were a few surprises here and there. 

I think the anticipation of WHAT we made was as exciting as actually drawing with the glow sticks. 

Have you ever tried this technique before??? It was really fun and the kids loved it for sure! Anything I can do to encourage their love of photography is a win-win for me!!  Be sure to stop by The Bloom Collective to see the rest of the inspiring images